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Cookbooks of Küppersbusch

We have complied a selection of our best recipes for you here. Wheter you are a beginner or a kitchen professional, there is something for every taste and for every kitchen equipment!

You can download all cookbooks free of charge as PDF files. Simply print out your favorite recipes or use your tablet; iPad as a mobile cookbook. If you don´t want to miss any of our new recipes, subscribe to our Newsletter in which we inform you to every four weeks about our current menu of the month.

We wish you an enjoyable time in your kitchen and a good appetite!

Recipes for the oven

The oven is a real all-rounder! Starters , Side dishes, Main courses, Desserts and pastries, in our oven cookbook you will find an abundant selection. Your oven is also a practical partner for you as a host: you prepare the food and while he takes care of the rest, you already have time for your guests.

Recipes for the hob

Whether induction, electric or gas: hobs offer you countless possibilities and high level of cooking comfort. In no time at all you can conjure up entire menus on it like a professional chef. In our cookbook fot the hob you will find the appropriate recipes for cooking, steaming and frying.

Taste experience with sous-vide

As a variant of low-temperature cooking, sous-vide cooking perfect flavour development and particularly gentle preparation through vacuuming. Cooking in a vacuum cook bag is a possible in a steamer or on the hob in a water bath. Let our cookbook inspire you with the taste experience with sou-vide.