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Ovens with microwave

Oven and mircrowabe in one appliance

With Küppersbusch ovens with microwave you can combine the best of two worlds and save space at the same time. So you can access up to 14 oven functions and 8 special baking functions with our high-quality compact ovens with microwave. In addition, two microwave functions are available for solo operation or for combination with all oven functions.

Of yourse you can customise your appliances with the individual Design Kits from Küppersbusch and match it to the rest of your kitchen.

Constant microwave power thanks to the inverter technology

All Küppersbusch ovens with microwave are equipped with the inverter technology. The inverter technology is a system that keeps the power output constant even at a very low wattage (lower power settings). This guarantees that the energy is used in an optimal manner. 

With conventional technologies, the microwave always works with the entire available output and integrates shorter or longer break intervals depending on the power setting. This frequently leads to uneven warming and a higher expenditure of energy. 

In contrast to this, the inverter technology works with a consistently low energy supply so that in addition to savings, sensitive food can be heated, because the heat distribution in the cooked item is optimised.

Ovens with microwave