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Our ovens: Experience since 1875

Küppersbusch ovens have always set new standards with innovative technologies and perfect ease of use, combining innovation, functionality and professional standards with award-winning design quality. The innovative features offer cooking pleasure for the highest demands in baking, roasting and grilling. Due to the many different equipment and design variants, there are no limits to your individual taste.

Only at Küppersbusch: The ökotherm® catalytic converter

Enjoy your food - we take care of the cleaning

Küppersbusch ovens offer cleaning systems that relieve you of the hassle of reworking. And an interior enamelling, which is clean with a wipe.

Due to the pyrolytic technology, the time-consuming cleaning of the oven is finally over. Enjoy your meals calmly, the soiling inside the oven is done by the appliance itself. The self-cleaning system heats the oven to 500 ° C, so fat and food residues are smelted to fine ashes. At Küppersbusch, choose between 3 different pyrolytic programmes - depending on the degree of soiling. Afterwards wipe out only with a damp cloth and the device flashes like new!

For the most environmentally conscious: optimal cleaning with low energy consumption and no chemical cleaning agents. Simply put a glass of water in the oven and start the ökoClean function (depending on the model). The new cleaning programme from Küppersbusch in combination with the ökoEmail + interiors in combination with steam causes grease and dirt residues that stick to the walls of the oven to be easily removed.

ökoEmail +: the particularly smooth enamel coating from Küppersbusch.
If only a few splashes have reached the inside walls, they can be wiped off with a bit of smoother enamel coating.
For example, you would like to gratinate meat or fish or brown it on the outside without affecting the inside? Use our fold-down large grill. Especially suitable for flat pieces such as beef steak, ribs, fish, toast. And to facilitate the cleaning of the oven ceiling after grilling, the grill can simply fold down. 

Ovens with ökotherm®-technology

  • OVEN.
    K - S E R I E S . 8


    14 oven functions, 11 special functions, more than 80 automatic programmes, K-Connect, 56 favorite programmes for saving own processes, 5,0´´TFT-Touch Display with clear text and graphic display, saving recipes, ökotherm catalytic converter, roasting thermometer, Soft Open & Close
    22 functions, roasting thermometer, 70 litres XXL capacity, ökotherm catalytic converter, Soft Open & Close, pyrolytic self-cleaning (3 levels), 14 oven functions, 8 special functions, more than 40 automatic programmes, 20 favorite programmes for saving own processes, 3,9´´TFT-Display with clear text and graphic display, electronic oven control by means of back-lit sensor touch controls
    10 functions, TFT colour-display, 70 litres XXL capacity, ökotherm catalytic converter, Soft Open & Close, Pyrolytic self-cleaning (3 levels), 10 oven functions, 10 automatic programmes, 3,9´´ TFT Display with graphic display, Electronic oven control with high-quality aluminum knobs, Actual temperature indication and temperaturerecommendation
  • OVEN.
    K - S E R I E S . 3


    10 functions, 70 litres XXL capacity, ökotherm catalytic converter, Soft Open & Close, 10 oven functions, 10 automatic programmes, 1 favorite programme for saving own processes, 3,9´´TFT Display with clear text and graphic display, electronic oven control with high-quality aluminium knobs, actual temperature indication and temperature-recommendation

For more safety and comfort: Our full glass inner door with soft-open &close technology

The quality full glass inner door with quadruple glazing is glued absolutely tightly to the underlying stainless steel frame – annoying screws are a thing of the past. And it not only looks good, but also has clear advantages.

Easy cleaning: the oven doors are easy to unhinge, when the inside of the oven needs a clean. The glass remains clean between the panes, as the oven door is a closed system. The seamless stainless steel frame has no nooks and crannies where dirt can gather

Longevity: no fatigue of materials over the years, as we exclusively use quality materials such as stainless steel and glass.

Energy saving: the hot air largely remains inside the oven – that saves energy and money.

More safety: the doors are quadruple glazed and consequently extremely well insulated. This means that the outside of the oven hardly heats up.


When things have to go fast: Especially good when you sometimes have a hectic kitchen environment: the Soft Open & Close function of our appliance doors.

The Soft Open & Close technology ensures a gentle opening and closing of the doors thanks to a cushioning effect at either end.

That’s good for the hinges and good for your nerves! 

XXL oven

The XXL oven by Küppersbusch offers plenty of space. So don’t hesitate to invite all your friends and relations.

With a capacity of 70 litres, you have plenty of space to bake and cook on 5 levels.

Good to know: the baking trays from the 60 cm ovens also fit the 45 cm compact ovens (except microwaves) and steam ovens by Küppersbusch!

Fully extendable brackets with PerfectStop:
The fully extendable brackets run incredibly smoothly and are at the same time very sturdy (withstand up to 22 kg). This way – even when baking heavy loads – you can push the trays backwards and forwards with ease. The PerfectStop latch function prevents trays from gliding back into the oven and allows you, for example, to turn and baste roasts in front of the oven.

Please note: should you clean your oven with the pyrolysis function (up to 500°C), please remove the side racks including telescopics beforehand as they will only withstand temperatures of up to 300°C.

Küppersbusch Individual

The Küppersbusch Individual Concept offers you the opportunity to adapt our appliances to your personal preferences. Depending on the model, there is a choice between white and black appliances as the base colour. With one of the 7 different design elements, the very individual look is then completed.

Find out more about Küppersbusch Individual!