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The Küppersbusch K-SERIES.8 puts your kitchen in the spotlight with the design variants black and grey. The TFT touch display with graphic and plain text display offers maximum ease of use, which is complemented by numerous automatic programmes.

Operate your devices via the intuitive touch control.

Oven functions

With the number of oven functions, you are sure to find the right one for every taste and every dish.

Automatic programmes

With the huge range of automatic programmes ,perfect results are guaranteed. Choose between pastries, fish, meat, vegetables and desserts, enter the weightand select the desired level of doneness. The oven will now determine a suitable baking mode and time. Press "Start", and the oven will tell you, when you can serve your meal.


The K-SERIES.8 oven makes trying out new recipes very easy. In the oven display you can choose from a variety of recipes and have the necessary ingredients and the preparation steps displayed directly. Another tap of the finger is all it takes for the oven to automatically switch on the correct cooking program.


You can save the function settings for your preferred dishes in your favorite programmes. Just like you can save your favorite recipes in your favorites folder – including all the corresponding settings, of course! That way, whenever you choose to make a dish from your digital cookbook, you can be sure it will be perfect.



The ovens in the K-SERIES.8 range are pre-programmed with 20 recipes. And via the K-Connect app, you can access a huge array of additional culinary inspirations.

• Select a recipe category: starter, main course, side dish or dessert & baked goods. You can browse through your recipe selection by swiping (left and right) until you have found one that appeals to you.
• Next, set the number of people.
• One more tap, and you are on the ingredients list and preparation.
• The ideal oven settings (baking mode, time and temperature) are part of the recipe – all you have to do is tap the “start” button to confirm.

Recipe selection

List of ingredients

Selection of the number of persons

Preparation steps


Make a dish with all side dishes in the oven at the same time? No problem with the “Multilevel Timer” function.

• For example, you can use the car programs to select calf bar and enter the weight and desired state of the food.

• After all settings have been entered, add potato gratin in step 2 and make the appropriate settings.

• The next step is to set all the settings for the vegetables.

• Now just confirm ‘START’. The message for positioning the first dish in the oven appears on the display.

• With ‘OK’ the cooking process is started and displayed in the oven display.

• When it’s time to insert the second dish, a signal sounds. Then push the dish into the oven and confirm with ‘OK’.

• This process is repeated again for the third court.

Now you can devote yourself to dessert in peace.

Overview program sequence

Display of the insertion level

Display of the cooking time