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Induktions-Muldenlueftungen von Küppersbusch

One device.
Two uses.

Küppersbusch induction hob-level extractor units are both cooking zone and extractor fan in one! This is an especially effective form of hob ventilation, as grease and steam are extracted directly at the source and are not carried through the room.

Another bonus is that you don`t need a separate extractor fan above your cooker, meaning you have more freedom when designing your kitchen. You can even install your cooker below a window. When using the hob-level extractor, you will need to insert the ventilation grid (provided). When you habe finished using the extractor, you can close it again with its glass insert. 

Effective and clean

  • Quick cleaning of the metal grease filter – simply lift it up and place it in your dishwasher
  • Easy adjustment of the selfexplanatory ventilation controls, which are separate from the hob controls
  • Easy installation – one appliance, one cut into your work surface, one connection for two functions
  • Low operating noise thanks to the especially silent ventilation system inside the base
  • Less soiling grease separation: 96,5%

Almost as hard as a diamond

The surface of the Küppersbusch induction hob-level extractors KMI 9850.0 and KMI 9800.0 and the induction hobs KI 9850.0 and KI 8820.0 is refined with the SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ coating. Through this patented, particularly resistant surface, the hob is permanently protected against scratches, because the surface hardness improved from 4 to approximately 10 on the Martens hardness scale when compared to conventional glass ceramic hobs. SCHOTT CERAN® Miradur™ does not only reduce the signs of usage through cleaning and cooking, but rather it also guarantees that the hob looks like new for many years.

The metallic look for this surface gives the hob a fascinating look.

Ventilation grids in the individual concept

Ventilation grid in the individual concept. Individualise your induction hob-level extractor. Fitting to the ovens, compact appliances, hoods, etc., designs in Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold, Copper and Hot Chilli are also possible as special orders (price and delivery time on request). The grids are not suitable for dishwashers.