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Cooker hoods

Breathtakingly powerful and efficient

Küppersbusch cooker hoods are whisper-quiet, extremely powerful and at the same time exceptionally efficient.

They have an unusually low level of energy consumption, some models up to energy efficiency class A++. They also boast superb results when it comes to fan, grease filter and lighting efficiency.

Select Küppersbusch cooker hoods have a brush-less motor. Such a motor has a lower energy consumption than regular motors white providing the same output. Even when using the highest performance level, our cooker hoods are pleasantly quiet. Another bonus is the fact that our models are practically free from wear and tear, underlining the product value and explaining the longevity of the motor.

Impressively versatile

The perfect model for every kitchen: the Küppersbusch range offers a multitude of styles, designs and functions.

Küppersbusch can offer you the perfect cooker hood for every kitchen and every taste. Whether you have an open plan kitchen or a separate one. At Küppersbusch – with our wall, island, head space, ceiling and module cooker hoods – you are spoilt for choice.

Depending on the design of your kitchen at home, you can choose between an exhaust air and a recirculation model.

The alternative to ventilation to the outside

Küppersbusch ceiling ventilator with the air circulation box Zub. -Nr. 9015 offer a simple conversion option with high performance.

As part of energysaving when building or modernising houses, which is becoming increasingly important, circulating air boxes in a combination with a ceiling fan are an ideal alternative to ventilation to the outside. Drilling core holes for air outlets is a thing of the past, since the box is integrated in suspended kitchen ceilings (drywall construction) and connected to the cooker hood motor. Fumes generated during the cooking process are thus absorbed and the air, which is still warm but has been cleaned, is directed back into the kitchen.


Efficient rim suction

Our cooker hoods with rim suction hide the grease filters behind a removable stainless steel cover. The intake area is deliberately reduced, causing the air to be sucked in at a significantly quicker rate than with a standard cooker hood. This results in an increased intake efficiency.

Hob and extractor hood in one: The hoblevel extractor

The induction hob-level extractor units are both cooking zone and extractor fan in one! As grease and fumes are extracted directly at hoblevel, they do not travel through the room, making for a significantly more pleasant climate in your kitchen. The perfect solution for open living kitchens.

Another bonus is that you don’t need a separate extractor fan above your cooker, meaning you have more freedom when designing your kitchen. The installation is not only more flexible, but also simpler, because you only need to mount one appliance.

The ventilation system can be discretely hidden inside the base of your unit. This has the advantage that annoying operating sounds are reduced to a minimum.


PlasmaMade is an innovative air filter based on plasma technology that ensures a healthy indoor climate. It removes odours, bacteria, viruses, grease and tiny particles from the air.


Ideal climate for your health

The indoor air is often heavily polluted with pollutants such as bacteria, mould or viruses. The air-purifying effect of the PlasmaMade filter neutralises these substances and thus reduces the possibility of transmitting bacteria and viruses.

A clean solution for allergy sufferers! PlasmaMade filtert Pollen, house dust and other allergens from the air. House dust mites are deactivated. Interesting for dog and cat lovers: it is also effective against animal hair and skin scales.

Unpleasant odours such as cooking fumes, cigarette smoke and pet smells are a thing of the past. PlasmaMade technology eliminates them immediately and keeps the room fresh. The ambient air is enriched with negative oxygen ions. The discharge of the PlasmaMade air filter has a refreshing and concentration-increasing effect on body and mind.

Arguments to convince you

  • Can be simply installed later on in almost any cooker hood suitable for circulation air 
  • Self-cleaning filter extremely low on maintenance
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Audible reduction in noise generation
  • Economical in consumption 
  • Long life period. A self-cleaning filter which will last you up to 15 years
  • 100% natural, converts any type of air pollution to clean air 
  • Certified technology

Combination of four techniques

1. PlasmaMade Airfi lter plasma technology:
The PlasmaMade plasma generator makes sure ionized plasma (O3) is abstracted from the O2 groups in the air. Besides, H2O groups are split in a positive hydrogen ion and a negative oxygen ion, also referred to as ionization.

2. Fiberglass nano fi lter electrically charged:
The fiberglass mat makes sure that contaminations are caught in the Nano fiberglass filter. The Nano fiberglass filter is being electrostatically charged by the electrostatic filter.

3. Electrostatic fi lter, consisting of 2 metal cores:
The two electrostatic cores make sure that contaminations, contained in the Nano fiberglass mat by electrostatic discharge (also referred to as ESD), are eliminated.

4. Active carbon filter:
The carbon fi lter makes sure that any released O3 (ozone) groups get caught, so only O2 (oxygen), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water) remain. The present OH groups abstract the hydrogen molecule (H) from the protection of the bacteria, deactivating smells, molds, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Even more versatility for your kitchen

The Küppersbusch Individual Concept offers you the opportunity to adapt our appliances to your personal preferences. The cooker hoods are no exception: you can match them to the design kit you choose for your oven. Whichever model you go for, each one impresses with its quality design, both individually and in combination with other appliances.

Learn more about Küppersbusch Individual!